Upload new website

I have created a new website in Web Easy Professional and am trying to use their ftp program to upload the website. I am getting a message that says "unable to resolve remote host name. What would be the host name or IP address? Where would I find this?
Also what would be the intial remote folder name?
And does Dreamhost use a firewall? If so is it the same host name and default port?
Thanks for the help

I have no idea what “Web Easy Professional” is, but I will try to help you as best I can:

That information should be in the email you received from DreamHost confirming the setup of your account, your user, or a new domain. If your newly setup domain is already updated in the DNS system for DreamHost, your “hostname” is simply “yourdomainname.tld”. If it is not yet setup, you can use the DreamHost server name, for example “servername.dreamhost.com” where servername is the name of the DreamHost server on which your domain is hosted. You can see the server name in the control panel (pull down the ajaxy/javascript “account status” thingee in the upper right hand corner of the control panel.)

Unless you have renamed your domain’s “base” directory, by default dreamhost uses the name of the domain (ex. “yourdomain.tld”) and places a directory with that name in your user directory. When you first connect via ftp, you will find yourself in your user directory, and there should be a directory below (or “in”) that directory with the same name as your domain. That is what you want to put into your program for " initial remote folder" in most every instance (though some programs may require a full path).

You should leave this information blank when connecting to a DreamHost server. DreamHost does use firewalls, but this is not a concern for ftp connection to your DreamHost server. :wink:

You can also find a lot of this same information, and a lot more, in the DreamHost wiki.


Thanks for the help. It seems to be uploading now. I’ll check the site after.

Good deal, and good luck! You’ll know you “got it right” if they end up in your “yourdomain.tld” directory (you can’t necessarily know from browsing to your site, unless you are sure that DNS is updated).