Upload Limit 7mb?

Well i am running an upload site that is hosted on dreamhost.

Now when go to my uploading page, i get this:

Note: Currently this server is set to accept files no larger than 7Mb. Make sure the individual files are smaller than this limit as they will be discarded otherwise.

Now, does dreamhost limit the upload size to 7mb? Or is it just me…


yes, that’s a pretty standard php upload limit, also imposed by DH.

If you need to, you can get around it by installing your own php for the domain. You can the set the upload limit to whatever you want. You’ll find instructions for doing this in the Wiki


I have just registered an account, so its still me.

Where do you install php to? the subdomain that my uploader site is in… or in my domain(www.s3n.org)?

And where do you edit the max file size limit?

Thnxs alot for your previous help

You’ll want to install php in the same domain that you want to be able to use the higher upload limit.

I’m not sure what level you’re at in regard to techincal know how, you might want to read over the instructions for setting up your own install of php and see if it’s all greek and way out of your league, or somehting you think you can handle. It’s not exactly beginner material I think.

Anyways, once you get your php installed and working, you can edit the upload in the php.ini file. I think that’s covered in the instructions, several people have put in their own version of php to get around the upload limit. Just beware that this could conceivably make your domains less secure, if a script were to get hacked.

Hope this helps


Thnxs alot, really helps me out alot.

Cheers mate