Upload Large Photos

Hello! I’m trying to learn how to allow others to upload photos to a private directory. I want to only allow certain file types (to help reduce viruses). And a private directory so I can review the photos before posting them.
Thanks in advance.
It’s for a swim team website: http://www.jenisonaquatics.org
Looking for suggestions for improvements!

Your going to want to do it via html/PHP. You can specify size, extensions, etc. If you have used PHP before this isn’t a big deal.

Here is a link to the PHP documentation.

if you haven’t used PHP You may want to look at one of the Photo management systems like Coppermine (Which I use for baby pictures, but there are several) to help manage the photos.


I40.com - Home Page
MP3Mystic - Personal Streaming Music server.
(Neither of these sites are still hosted at dreamhost)

[quote]Your going to want to do it via html/PHP.


PHP on DH has a 7MB file limit.