Upload help?

Created a webpage through iweb, (don’t laugh- it meets my needs for now) and thought I successfully uploaded through webftp to the server, however when I check the site, I get the white "Index of/ " page and it shows one directory. When I click on that directory, the page opens up.

Obviously I’d like THAT one to open up when the URL is typed in. I played with it for a loong time the other night and can’t figure out how to fix what I’m doing wrong.

Clearly I’m a little lost and can’t seem to get it into the correct spot. Optimally, I want to add at least 2 more pages- a gallery page and an info page as well. But I’m not wanting to put anything else up till I get it straightened out in my head where.

anyone wanna help a newbie out here? I usually catch on quick- but this time not so much.


Yikes! I web on a non-.mac server again. This has been discussed on these forums at considerable length in the past, so you might find that searching the forums for “iweb” will give you additional help besides my reply :wink:

iWeb was designed to work on the .mac platform and getting your stuff in the “correct spot” on a non-.mac server can be tricky because of the way iWeb does things.

iWeb has a “quirky” way of structuring your “website”, and it is really designed to work well with the whole “.mac” experience. I’m not an expert with it (don’t use it) but I have seen many “guides” to using iweb on “non-.mac” hosts on the web (that link Googles you a list of some of them), and IIRC, there are some well-documented workarounds you should become familiar with.

As you browse some of those Google results, and the previous iweb related threads on these forums, you might end up agreeing with others that iWeb is probably not the best way to go if not hosting on .mac (as one says, “it isn’t pretty”).

I suggest you take a look at NVU or KompoZer for a “good” WYSIWYG html creation tool if you are comfortable with iWeb but want to host on a non .mac server.


I’d been through some of the recent messages, “webftp WTF?” was a particular favorite - since my desk is now dented from me banging my head on it.

I had been reading on the web some ideas- but I think I’ve gotten my self in some loop of mistakes- if that makes sense.

I know ( I think) it has to do with parent directory versus subdirectory.

I’ll keep googling tho. Thanks for the recs on the other html tools.

Eventually this will hopefully be easier.

now adding “learn html” to lengthy to-do list


Well, I guess congratulations are in order, as it seems as though you have it sorted.

I went back to your site to take a closer look at the code and see if I could offer more help, but all looks great right now! :wink:



unlocked my brain. hit the right search in google and found a very descriptive step by step:


Used Cyberduck- had tried dh’s webftp and also FireFtp to no avail.

Sometimes you just need to “step away from the computer ma’am” and all becomes clear.

thanks for the help ( and the check in)