Upload Flash Animation to Server

I am UBER green so I have completely lame questions…sorry. I just got this service and I have no idea how to use it. I went to the Wiki and it’s just so comprehensive and confusing that it would take me for ever to figure out how to do something I suspect is ultimately very easy.

So here it is, I am going through a tutorial and it says the following “You will need to upload your flash animation, the swf file, to some server.” So that’s what I’m trying to do. Ultimately the flash animation will be places in a Blogger header.

So I need some simple “Village Idiot Proof” instructions. Anyone up for helping me or pointing me towards where I can get help?

thanks all.


I would also like to learn how to stream/embed flash videos, too. I am having troubles with QuickTime streaming so this may be another solution for me.

I know you need two files, .swf and .flv. I think one is the video itself and one is the code for the flash design, or some sort. You need to create both for yourself, I think. Then when you embed the stream code, you point to both. I am not quite sure about all this, but that is as far as I got. I also have had trouble on finding a nice tutorial on creating flash videos and properly getting them to stream on a site. What confused me the most is having the two files.

I am looking forward to a helpful response or maybe a nice pointer to head in the right direction.


Simply FTP the file into a folder at your domain.

Example: Uploading [color=#0000CC]file.swf[/color]

Login via FTP
Navigate to your [color=#CC0000]domain.com[/color] folder
Create a folder called [color=#00CC00]SWF[/color]
Upload [color=#0000CC]file.swf[/color] into that folder

The link to the file will be http://[color=#CC0000]domain.com[/color]/[color=#00CC00]SWF[/color]/[color=#0000CC]myfile.swf[/color]

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DH does not has a flash server for streaming flash videos.

This will depend on how you create the files as Adobe flash can embed the flv file into a single swf file but is meant for smaller files.
When publishing from Adobe flash, flash will create the swf, html and javascript files for you. Just copy them with the flv(if you choose to keep them seperate) to a folder. Now copy the html from the file that flash created to your web page. Edit the location of the files if necessary. Once you upload the web page the html page flash created is no longer needed.

Create a loader swf file that contains an image (convert to button) and this code:

addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, player);
function player(event:MouseEvent): void
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“http://www.example.com/example.swf”);/edit this link to point to your movie’s swf file and remove everything after the semi colon on this line just in case/
var loader:Loader = new Loader()
removeEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, player);

This will allow the viewer to see your web page without downloading the video until they click on the image(to be nice to dial up users). Make sure you convert the image to a button.
As I mentioned above streaming is not possible.
I hope this helps,

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I should mention that the above code is for CS3.

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