Upload Files

Hi, im new on DreamHost, and i’m trying to upload files, but when i queue some files, after someones i get this messege from Filezilla:
“Response: 530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (10) for your host are already connected.”

I set up the connection for 4 max connections.

Any of you know what happend?

Eh, use SFTP instead. Filezilla supports it, just make sure your User in the Panel is set to use SFTP as well.

I know it’s a “workaround” and doesn’t address your FTP issue. I don’t know why it’s exceeding 4 max connections. I don’t use Filezilla. Perhaps the client is also a lightweight server? Dunno…anyhow, try SFTP. It’s secure and much freer from FTP’s restrictions.