Upload Files to Website?

Back when I used internic.ca for webhosting, I could go to hosting.internic.ca and then upload files for my website online. Can I do that with DH? I’ve looked around the panel but cannot seem to find where.

Thank you.

Yep sure can. Click on users then manage users. Find your account and to the far right you will find WebFTP Login.
Note this web ftp program is php based, therefore will have a maximum file size limit of 7 or 8 mb’s.
When you are ready to upload files that exceed this limit, I highly recommend that you get a dedicated ftp program as they have no such limit. FileZilla

My website

Thanks much, that works. One more question. When I used Internic, when I uploaded my files I did it in a folder called public. On this there is no public folder. Do I just do it in the folder with the name of my domain?

Yep, that’s the place! :slight_smile:


Another vote for Filezilla! Too bad I didn’t find that before paying for BulletProof… which now collects dust. :stuck_out_tongue:

As already stated, you got the location right: domain.com

You can also create other directories in your /home/username/ space if you want a place for files that you don’t want accessed by the web.

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Thanks a lot, guys. You have been very helpful. Now I just need to wait the 5 days for the domain transfer >:(

You don’t have to wait 5 days for the transfer. If it’s registered elsewhere, just change the nameservers at your current registrar. Heck, you don’t have to even to a registrar transfer if you like your current registrar. Most of mine are registered at GoDaddy.

In the meantime, you can go to your DreamHost Control Panel to manage domains and set up some Fully Hosted (sub)domains. Also in the panel under Manage Users, or even the upper right corner’s Account Status to find your machine name and ftp to machinename.dreamhost.com then upload your site’s files into your home directory’s yourdomain.com account.

To use your new site before the transfer, see this wiki article:


Thanks that seems like a good idea. I’ve lost a LOT of money during downtime :frowning: I’m hesitant about doing it though, because as of this morning the 5 days is up, yet I still have no email from them and nothing has changed.

Have you gotten any email since the request? I usually get messages from both ends. DreamHost saying the request has been submitted, and my registrar saying that there’s been a request. In the case of GoDaddy, if I do nothing, the request will go through in 5 (or 7?) days. I just went to my GoDaddy account right then and approved the transfer and it happened pretty quickly from there.


Well, I got one from DH saying the request has been sent and to wait 5 days for approval from Internic. It has been 5 days and nothing from Internic, though.

I’m wondering if the 5 days is supposed to be business days. Hopefully it’ll go through soon. With GoDaddy, it showed me a Domain Status of “pending transfer” before I authorized the transfer.

In the meantime, I suggest you update the DNS server entries at Internic for your domains to ns1.dreamhost.com, etc. At least your domain will be usable when that goes through.


How do I do that? I read about that somewhere but I’m not sure how to do that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, my bad! I’ve figured it out. I’m sorry about being such a nuisance, I’m just really anxious about all this. I’m not good with hosts and all that, and I’m losing so much money I’m just all anxious. Thanks much.

Also, one more question. Once the domain transfer is complete and Internic emails me with the good news, does that mean I can begin uploading files and they’ll immediately be put on my website?

I suggest you do what I mentioned in my message from 8:49 last night for creating domains here and uploading files before the site goes live.

Your site may go live before the transfer is complete if you changed your DNS entries at Internic to point to DreamHost. But you should create the domains here before that happens.


After you have your server account, and the domain hosting started (directory on the server), you can upload files using server name, even if domain name doesn’t yet respond. It’s all in the wiki, somewhere.

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Alright. I read through the wiki, and got a little confuzed (sorry). I make a subdomain called anything.dreamhosters.com with the mirror to mysite.com, then I wait a couple of hours for it to be complete. But then where do I upload the files and such?

Thanks again. I am really stupid with these kind of things.

  1. Go to the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains and click Add New Domain
  2. Create a Fully Hosted domain with your Internic registered domain name
  3. Click on upper right Account Status to find out which machine you’re on
  4. FTP your files to “machinename”.dreamhost.com into your home directory’s yourdomain.com directory
  5. Go back to the Control Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains and click Add New Domain
  6. Create a Mirror Domain called yourdomain.dreamhosters.com that’s a mirror of yourdomain.com

Within a couple of hours (hopefully), yourdomain.dreamhosters.com will start working. And if you’re lucky, yourdomain.com will start working within a couple of days if you’ve updated Internic’s DNS server entries for your domain.


Thanks. I’ve figured out how to view snubbyland.dreamhosters.com! Yay! Is it only I that can view it though? Maybe this is crazy, but I thought that whoever went to snubbyland.com would be redirected to sl.dreamhosters.com. Anyway, I’ll wait it out, and it should work :slight_smile: If not, I’ll go cry :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help.