Upload files directly from another online site?


Does anyone know if there is a way to move files directly from one hosted account (not on DH) to a DH account, without first downloading them to my computer, and then uploading them.

I have a site with several very huge galleries, that are taking “forever” to download.


Wget is a popular option. You can also use the command line ftp or sftp program to connect directory to your old server and move files that way. I don’t see an easy tutorial in the wki for that one, but if you’re familiar with that sort of thing… Or ask me for more specifics I’ll and provide.

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If the FTP servers involved don’t support FXP / site-to-site transfers, you can use wget from the shell.

Documentation of wget can be found here: Wget Manual - Table of Contents

And you can try rsync as well:

rsync man page

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DreamHost doesn’t support FXP, so that’s definitely not an option.

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Are you sure Dreamhost doesn’t support FXP? I’ve never tried it my self, but I’ve read on this forum several other people who have used it successfully.

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One way of doing it is to use cURL. You will need to specify whether or not you are retrieving ASCII (text) or binary data though.

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I know for a fact dads and welchs definitely don’t support FXP, as I’ve tried to fxp between my VPS server and DreamHost before (my VPS having proftpd installed and fxp transfers enabled). Perhaps some other servers here support it but I would be quite surprised if they did.

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I’ve used FXP successfully on my DreamHost server (‘Bixel’) before, but that was quite a while ago.

I tried it again recently to transfer some files to/from another hosting account and I couldn’t get it to work. I did not have the time to fully investigate the issue, so I am unsure whether the problem was caused by the other host not supporting FXP, or a configuration change on my DreamHost server.


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