Upload Files before Domain is active


Is there a way to upload Files, Before my domain is pointed to DreamHost?

Because, If my domain www.domain.com is not yet active, how can I upload Files, if ftp is ftp.domain.com ?

is there another way?


in your welcome E-mail you should have gotten instructions on how to connect to the server your domain in hosted on to upload fies. you’ll ftp into something like machine.dreamhost.com

If you want to view files before DNS propiagtes you need to set up a mirroed domain - something of dreamhosters.com (do a search for more info on this one)



More information on doing this can be found on the Knowledge Base page linked below (scroll to the bottom of the page).



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oh yeah, and there’s a sigguestion (Panel > Home > Sigguestion) that the subdomain be set up automatically when you create a new Domain so you wouldn’t have to do this on your own.

It’s under the new features catagory and reads like this: “Automatically set up domain.com.dreamhost.com for new domains to test before DNS propagates.”