Upload/download speed

I see no information for the different web hosting plans. I test today and I obtain 280ko/s for downloading and 50 ko/s for uploading. Quite good performance, nevertheless, outside holidays time, I remember that it was more 10ko/S…

I do not really know. I seem that dreamhost does not guarantee a minimum / middle speed to the users…

Are you asking if performance/throughput is different between the offered plans? Because of the huge variability in percieved performance, I would expect that DH could not provide any kind of guidelines.

Now the numbers you are seeing are much lower than I see with my sites - but is it your connection or the server that you were talking to? There’s just too much to vary in the path.

As always, specific questions can only be answered by DH staff. Almost all of us here are simply other customers.


In english it’s KB/s , Bytes, not octet :wink:

Theses days the traffic on my websites was also a bit low.

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In which server were you testing? It depends on lots of factors, it’s difficult to guarantee upload/download velocity…

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yep. and the speed you gave is not the best. The real speed will be better than that sometimes depends on when and where

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It’s more based on your connection rather than the servers… I don’t know what the aggregate bandwidth on DH’s net uplinks are, but if I’m using a download accelerator (DTA in this case) I can easily saturate my 4MB/s (32Mb/s) connection.

Do you know a “download accelerator” for upload ?

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Try google. Google knows everything.