Upload/download scripts for vtiger

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Hi There, we are looking at setting up a crm called vtiger for a client.

One of the client requests is to have the ability to upload/download files within each job in vtiger, but they need the ability to ‘resume’ an upload or download in case the internet connection fails.

Does anyone know of any scripts that can be integrated into a web-based system that allows for this as opposed to using external applets?

Many thanks in advance


I don’t know of any, but i’m sure vTiger has it’s own file upload section.

They might be best using a download manager app on their computer.

It’s a generally accepted fact these days that if you lose your internet connection, you’re jaffed, and have to start again.

…And if you’ve got an unreliable internet connection, you either a) change suppliers, or b) get your own download manager app.

Sorry this isn’t the answer you’re looking for!


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