Upgrading WP 1.5 to current ver

I’m in need of a plugin that isn’t supported in ver 1.5 which is what I’m running right now.

I’m really nervous about upgrading to the current version of Wordpress and I’m wondering if anyone here has done it and how painful it was - :0 and what your experiences were before I take the plunge.


Haven’t used 1.5 but in general just upload the new version over the top and go to site/wp-admin/update.php to update the database.

going from 1.5 may involve changes to your theme

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I don’t remember 1.5 - 2.0 being a big deal, but some themes/plugins could need work.

Why not put up a test subdomain & install 2.2 there. Try the current theme you’re using and see if it breaks.

Then, one at a time, try adding the plugins you currently use, testing each one as you add it.

If you do run into a theme problem, check the author’s site to see if he put out a 2.x version.

In any case, I’d upgrade to 2.2 no matter what and do whatever it takes to work around it.

There are very good upgrade instructions at wordpress.org that cover the different versions.

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Thank you both for responding.

This is a great idea, Seiler, to upload the themes and plugins to a test subdomain. I’m going to get right on that!

Thanks again!