Upgrading Wordpress




I did a search on WordPress but nothing really jumped out, hence this posting.

I wish to upgrade my installation of WordPress to the latest version, which is available via “One-Click.”

Does anyone know where I can find instructions on doing this or can someone provide some guidance? The Dreamhost wiki does not seem clear on it or I am missing something.

Thanks in advance


The WordPress codex has some info:

If your WP installation is in a directory all by itself, I’d do the following:
Back up your database (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Backup_MySQL
Rename your wordpress directory to directory.old
Create a new wordpress directory with the old name
One-Click install the new version and point it at the old database

If the one-click overwrites your old data, you can use phpMyAdmin to drop all the tables and then do a Restore of your database.

Once that’s all done, visit your new WP site and it’ll probably tell you to click on a link to Update your database.



Was your old installation a one-click install?

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Thanks Scott. I will give this a go.




Yes it was.



Heck, if it was a One-Click, it should show up in the Upgrade section of the One-Click page. Is it listed?




Not that I can see which is why I asked in the first place. In the control panel when I go to One-Click Installs I am presented with two options:

Install new website software - Easy mode or
Install new website software - Advanced mode

There is no mention of Upgrade unless an upgrade is handled as a completely new install using the existing database, i.e., install new website software option listed.

I note it does say “Please be sure there are no files there now!” in the directory where the install is to take place, suggesting one should delete the existing files.

Is this what is considered an upgrade?



No, that’s a fresh install. My One Click window shows:
Install New Easy Mode
Modify/Remove Existing Easy Mode
Install New Advanced
Upgrade/Remove Advanced

So I still suggest my first approach if yours just isn’t listed in an Upgrade/Removed section. If you’ve changed the install location or database since you did the One-Click, or maybe even changed servers since you installed that old version, it will no longer be One-Clickable.



When will we have wordpress 2.5.1 update available for one click update ?

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It’s been available. I’ve already done mine.