Upgrading wordpress

release 2.0.5 is out, when will we be able to update our blogs…

You can update at any time! Just follow the instructions on WordPress.org :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s how I do it anyway. I think it’s actually easier doing it that way if you have plugins, template mods, etc…

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It’s kinda hard for a noob, I’m afraid to mess it up

I understand, and I’m sorry if I sounded flip - I didn’t know you if you would find it difficult or not. While installing and updating scripts yourself can be quicker and more versatile than using “one-click”, many people find it difficult, so you are not alone :slight_smile:

Many who initially use the “one-click” install don’t realize they can “update” it themselves without using the one-click installer/updater, hence my suggestion to check out wordpress.org for “manual” update instructions.

If you want to update via the “one-click” installer/updater, you will need to wait until Dreamhost “grabs” the updated v2.05 and “diddles it” into the “one-click” system. They are generally pretty good about doing it quickly, especially if there are potential security-related issues being addressed, but you just have to wait for them to get to it.


I just noticed on dreamhoststatus that the WordPress one-click-Install has now been updated to 2.0.5.

That didn’t take long :slight_smile:


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