Upgrading Wordpress on Dreamhost

I’m still pretty much a newbie with Dreamhost and Wordpress. I’ve set up my blog and am happy with it, but I’m getting the notification that I should upgrade to the latest version of Wordpress. I initially installed it via the one-click install on Dreamhost in “advanced mode”. Is there an automated way to upgrade my Wordpress installation?

Hi Panja57,

Yes, install this plugin http://www.zirona.com/software/wordpress-instant-upgrade/ then activate it.

Then go to manage>Instant Upgrade to automatically upgrade your Wordpress version, choose the latest version in plugin option.

Hope it helps.


There sure is :slight_smile:

Panel > Goodies > OneClick Installs

Look down the bottom and you’ll see a link to “Upgrade or remove previously installed software - Advanced mode”

Click the relevant upgrade button and you’ll be sent instructions via email if you’re required to perform any additional steps.

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