Upgrading Wordpress from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5

I installed WordPress via one-click install when it was 2.0.3. I upgraded to 2.0.4 when that came out, and because I had customized a bunch of stuff, it was a lot of work to get it back the way I wanted. So, now that 2.0.5 is out, I want to upgrade to get the security fixes, but don’t want to hassle over my changes.

What’s the easiest way to upgrade to 2.0.5 and not have to worry about all the customizations I’ve made to my template?

Make a backup of your theme and template and restore them from the backups after the installation. That is how I did it just few minutes ago.

I haven’t touched any critical parts of WP, only themes.

Pardon me for being dense, but which directories and/or files would that cover?

If you’ve made any mods at all, it’s easier to just follow the upgrade instructions at wordpress.org, rather than doing the one-click.

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