Upgrading wordpress and gallery

Should I upgrade my one-clicks?

WP from 2.1 to 2.1.3

Gallery from 2.1.2 to 2.2.1

I’ve been searching the forums to see if problems are reported and found a lot, but I’m not sure whether they relate to major version upgrades or if I risk hassles after even a bug-fix upgrade.

Would I have to reinstall themes, modules, and customisations?


I upgraded wordpress this way with no problems. It even kept my plugins and theme.

If you do do an upgrade it retains a copy of the old installation in a root folder called domain.old. If there is any problems you can always go back to this by renaming the folder back to what it was (and renaming the upgrade installation first)

Gallery I haven’t used so can’t advise if there would be any problems but it will keep a backup too.

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I upgraded both my WordPress and my Gallery sites. I don’t recall any significant plugin problems but it had been a while since I upgraded my Gallery plugins and so I had a lot to do anyway.

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Thanks for the good news folks. And your other comment, lensman, is relevant for me actually - I need to work on both installations, though I would prefer to leave it a while till I’ve got some more urgent things done.

Because most of the upgrades are for security issues, you should probably consider getting them upgraded sooner rather than later.

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