Upgrading to VPS?

We’re considering upgrading from shared to VPS, and I’m wondering what the upgrade experience is like?

DH claims that there will be no downtime or glitches… but it’s hard for me to picture how that could work and there isn’t any information on how it works under-the-hood (which leaves me a little worried). We’d be upgrading both the web and mysql server. Also, they say it’ll happen sometime in the next “day or so” - which is longer than we’d like to have an outage window.

Does anyone have experience upgrading from shared to VPS? Is it really as seamless as DH claims? How does it work?

Thanks in advance!


Actually, I just made this upgrade just a few weeks ago! It was actually very easy and the only downtime I ran in to was because I didn’t properly configure & reboot my server after it was provisioned. There was a wait from the time of the order until the time the server was live, but the sites were still online during that time. They went down briefly after that, but as soon as I got in contact with support they flipped a few switches and had everything working again in five minutes. You’ll probably also want to make sure to provision the resources for what you actually need too, because otherwise you could end up spending quite a bit for more power than you really need. I wrote up about the whole process over here if you’re interested in hearing what I was thinking as I went through the various steps.

Services remain running on your old IP address/server while DNS propagates to the new IP of your VPS. Typically there is no downtime during the move but in some rare cases their can be complications that cause downtime (this is not normal though).

The biggest cause I see for downtime during the transmission if you have sites with unique IP addresses. Having unique IPs doesn’t mean you will go down its just more common that accounts with them cause complications.