Upgrading to SSDs

So my free trial of Dream Compute ends in less than two weeks, and I notice that there’s a new data centre for Dream Compute on the way, touting SSDs, so I’m curious; what would the process be for switching to a system with SSDs?

Alternatively, are there plans to upgrade the current data-centre with SSDs as well (would it be better to just stay where I am?).

hi there, the new datacenter is going to appear like a new ‘zone’ in the compute dashboard and the exact details of how to migrate are still being worked out. That said, what sort of applications do you use that require you to use SSDs? How can we help you make the best out of the current DreamCompute zone?

I don’t really require SSDs, I just thought I’d ask so I can consider it.

Also, when the datacentre is described as using SSDs, does that mean that all storage is on SSDs (as opposed to still being backed by HDDs for capacity, with SSDs as cache)?

The new zone is has no spinning disk, all is on SSD. And there are going to be also other differences… stay tuned for more. And let us know what kind of applications you’re running on DreamCompute: we’re happy to feature our users on various publications, like we did on our blog https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/2015/11/24/customer-spotlight-rethumb-com/ or on OpenStack Superuser http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/kilowatts-for-humanity-harnesses-the-wind-and-sun-to-electrify-rural-communities