Upgrading to phpBB 2.0.20



I have just discovered the upgrading section in One-Click Installs.

I have a forum that is running 2.0.17, I have made a few modifications to the board nothing too major though and I’m thinking I should upgrade to .20.

Has anyone used this? It says the same database is used does that mean all forums, posts and members will remain untouched?

Sorry if I sound a bit ignorant on this, I just want to make sure before I do it.



The database will be modified if there has been a change between versions. You should always make a back-up before any upgrade.

Your old site files will be backed up into a .old folder. Again, you should still backup your data before upgrading.

Other than that, the upgrade should work without a hitch.


thanks patrick :slight_smile:


it was my expirence that any modifications I made to the board were ditched, as is standard with phpbb upgrade, unless you use the patch file. If your modifications are easy to add back in, I’d just do that personally.

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