Upgrading to latest PHP


I’m wondering if anyone has had any success building the latest version of PHP as outlines at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Installing_PHP5.

The most relevant script seems to be the one trying to install 5.3.8, but the script has several errors, most of which I was able to get through with modifications. Once everything was compiled, I modified the .htaccess file as prescribed but all I got were 404 - not found errors such as looking for /cgi-bin/php.cgi/phpinfo.php

The latest version of PHP is required by e-commerce sites for PCI compliance.

Edit: Nevermind. I used one of the older scripts and changed it for 5.3.9 and it works.


The problem with the Wiki scripts is that they’re on a Wiki. Every man and his dog can go in and edit good instructions with bad ones, or indeed post up even more bad ones (which often just confuses users even more than they invariably are). Best way to go is hit History and look back several years, use what you see there as a guide, and tailor to suit.