Upgrading to Joomla 1.5



I search the past messages and did not find an answer to my issue. I recently used the One-Click Install to upgrade to Joomla 1.5. I did not know about the major changes in the database and table structure. At this time I can get to step 6 but do not have a migration script setup to move my site to the new version. According to the instructions I read I was supposed to install the migration module before upgrading. Any directions or a link on where to look is greatly appreciated.



Are you able to roll back to previous version from backup?

If you want to try, I’ll suggest you to back up your current files first.

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I was able to roll back, well sort of. I renamed the new installation joomla.new and changed the old version to just joomla. Now when I go to my site it says “Template File Not Found! Looking for Template:rhuk_milkyway”. Thinking I could just go into the admin portion I receive this error when logging in “You cannot login. There are no administrators set up.”

I look to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.