Upgrading phpbb


Last year, when I migrated my site over, I moved over my messageboard as well. I’d like to try upgrading to phpbb 3.0, however, since I didn’t install the board fresh when I joined up, I’m not able to upgrade via the one-click method.

Is there another way to upgrade that isn’t too complicated for a modest layman like myself?


I’d try a One-Click install and use the existing database. Maybe it’ll be smart enough to update the DB. Make sure you back up the database first, or just cross your fingers and hope the automated backups are good.

If you’re not that brave, do the one-click and have it create a new database, and then go into phpMyAdmin and Drop all of the tables of your new database. When you head over to you phpBB3 site, it should alert you that it’s a new installation and if you’d like to import or convert your old database.




Thanks for your reply. I’m timid about trying to shoehorn my existing database into a new on-click install, as we have a pretty big and busy board, and nearly any downtime is a negative.

If I were to do a new one-click and new database, is there anywhere that has a bit more detailed walkthrough of uploading an old database? As I said, I’m a near-layman on these things, I know enough to get myself into trouble, but not enough to get myself out.



When I upgraded using the install direct from phpbb, I had to create a new database and the installer moved the old data to the new database. When I was sure the data was ok, then I removed the old database.
Its best to read on phpbb’s website about installing.

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