Upgrading phpBB from SSH?



I have been trying to upgrade phpBB 2.0.19 to 2.0.20 from using SSH commands but I’m running into trouble.

I have uploaded the file “phpBB-2.0.19_to_2.0.20.patch” into my phpBB folder, and in order to update the board (which has been modded a few times), you have to run the following code:

patch -cl -d [phpBBdirectory] -p1 < phpBB-2.0.19_to_2.0.20.patch

However, whenever I do, I get the following error:

-bash: phpBB-2.0.19_to_2.0.20.patch: No such file or directory

What’s the deal? Do I need to be in a certain directory in order to run this line command?


You either have to be in the same directory as the patch file when you run the command or use the full path to the patch file. The easiet way is to use the “cd” command (minus the quotes of course) to change directories. cd into the same directory as the patch file and the excute the command.

You can also make use of tab compltion so you don’t have to type out the full direcotry names. if you domain is example.com then you could move into that directory like this:
cd exam [tab]

and it will complete the diretory:
cd example.com
and you can press enter. You can also use the “ls” command to list files and directories.



thanks for your quick reply, matttail. As you said, I have tried to run the file in the phpBB directory as well. I get a similar error:

patch: **** Can’t change to directory community : No such file or directory


Did you look through the patch file to see if there were references to folder paths that are different in your set up, and may need changing?



Norm, phpBB usually includes some short instructions about how to actually run the patch file and the only difference in path would be the name since my phpBB folder is not actually called phpBB.


I still haven’t figured out a way of making it happen. Can anyone give me any other advice or help? Thanks!