Upgrading my account

My account is coming for renewal soon, and I was looking at moving up to a better account. With the news of the storages dropping, does this mean I would move up to whatever the storage/bandwidth levels are for that day + the expansion I have earned so far?

Doubtful. Most likely you’d get what was available when you (used a promo and) first signed up. But what’s a few GB among friends anyway? :wink:

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As always, ask support.


When the existing plans were last upgraded I noticed that I gained the extra quota and retained the bonus quota that I had accrued.

However, the new system of gradually reducing the quota on plans (for new users) does complicate matters somewhat. My guess would be that you would receive whatever was the current quota for the plan you are upgrading to, plus any bonus quota that you had accrued, but that is only a guess. As Wholly said, contact support for the definitive answer.


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This is fair to us :stuck_out_tongue:

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