Upgrading MediaWiki One-Click Install Version on Dreamhost

I installed the One-Click version of MediaWiki from the Dreamhost panel, and found it is version 1.26.3

Has anyone here successfully upgraded from the One-Click Install version of MediaWiki from 1.26.3 to the most recent available on MediaWiki.org which is currently 1.31.0??? I’m having trouble with all of the instructions.



Like you, I started with a one-click install of MediaWiki (many years ago), but I’ve been manually upgrading since then. I’m currently on 1.27.x (the previous LTS version), but I’m planning to upgrade to the new 1.31.x LTS. The upgrade instructions are similar for all recent versions, so I’m happy to answer questions.

If you’ve only just install the one-click MediaWiki (i.e. just done the basic setup, and haven’t started uploading media, extensions, custom skins, etc), then you probably only need to copy over the LocalSettings.php file to a freshly unpacked 1.31.0 directory, and then login to the wiki to upgrade the DB.

Thanks, Habilis… I had an older version of MediaWiki installed on my site a long time ago, and had several upgrades and extensions and such built in. Kinda’ loved it… But about 5 years ago, I stopped updating the site, and lost track of my login information. Realizing the point of my wiki had completely changed now, and the version was way out of date, and not needing any of the articles and media I had already uploaded, I decided to delete the bunch of it and start over.

In the new wiki, so far, I’ve not uploaded any files and only created 2 pages, and one category. This would be the best time to upgrade since I’ve got so little there.

So all I need to do is unpack the new version into a whole new directory on my site, copy over the LocalSetting.php file, and that’s it? I assume the new directory on my site is another wiki directory on the root directory, right?

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Great, pages and categories are all stored the the Wiki DB, so that won’t change. If your current wiki is a directory like mywiki.com, then I think the steps would be:

  • Unpack Mediawiki 1.31 to a newly created new-mywiki.com
  • Copy LocalSettings.php from mywiki.com to new-mywiki.com
  • Rename mywiki.com to old-mywiki.com (for backup and reference)
  • Rename new-mywiki.com to mywiki.com
  • Login to mywiki.com as admin, and it should prompt you to update the DB schema

The LocalSettings.php contains all the DB information (DB host, user, password, etc) and other configuration setup by the one-click install, so it is the only file that needs to be copied.

To finish up, you should probably review your LocalSettings.php and compare with 1.31’s template version and check the release notes for settings you might want to add or adjust.

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