Upgrading mediawiki and database error

I just ran into a wall, lack of database knowledge I guess. I put in a support ticket to see if they can help. But in the mean time, I would like to learn more about the problem and ways to correct it.
Here is the “edited” message I sent them.

I just upgrade the wiki using the 1 click upgrade and ran the
scripts stated in your wiki.
I am getting the following database error on my website:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug
in the software. The last attempted database query was:
(SQL query hidden)
from within function “MessageCache::loadFromDB”. MySQL returned
error “1146: Table “deleted” doesn’t exist

Viewing the database via phpmyadmin on the operations tab I see the
following error:

The additional features for working with linked tables have been
deactivated. To find out why click here.

Clicking the link shows the following:

PMA Database … not OK[ Documentation ]
General relation features Disabled

Please help, this is beyond my knowledge


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Did you run the update.php (and refreshLinks.php) scripts after doing the upgrade? The update.php shouldupdate the database to make sure all the appropriate tables for the new version are in the database.

From your error message, I suspect that might be relevant.


Yeah, I ran both scripts, unless something happened, like the control panel’s bot was not finished with updating to php5 or the wiki’s update. I assumed they were done, but hitting refresh in the control panel stated there was 1 error and to click on a link to finish. But everything for the update was done according to the panel.
Not sure if it matter’s but I have my own copy of php 5 on my site. But upgrading to 5 was still required on the panel. Maybe I should look at my htaccess file and make sure it didn’t get altered.
It wouldn’t hurt to rerun the scripts, just in case would it?

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Ah! I suspect you are onto something there…the panel would not know about your custom PHP5, and would insist on making the change from the “default” PHP 4.4.4 (that you were not using) to PHP5…I’m not sure what effect that might have had.

Checking .htaccess files is a good plan…I don’t see any way that re-running those two scripts could hurt, but then again I don’t know for sure…it just seems all an update should do is create/change some table…if that’s already done the scripts will just most likely fail harmlessly.


I got a response from DH, and they recommended rerunning the scripts. I did and the output of the scripts were totally different than I had last time. So the only thing I can think of is I did not wait long enough for everything to be finished installing or whatever. (maybe even a typo on the command line) Anyways, it looks like the wiki is now working.
So thanks anyways, I thought I was in for some deep learning experience. lol.

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Good deal! I’ve learned from experience that the “Success” email from the DH one-click installer is usually overly optimistic when it come to determining that “everything is ready”. More than once I’ve though a “one-click” had failed, only to later realize it had just not finished yet.

I’m glad you got it working, and I’m sure you will have plenty of other “opportunities” for a “deep learning experience” - sometimes just getting things working is enough! :wink: