Upgrading Gallery2 (and optimizing performance)



Gallery2 has been using 90+ CPU mintues recently. I dropped in a robots .txt file for a few days but it didn’t help. I’ll try to upgrade to Gallery 2.1 RC1, which has a “new performance section in site admin for configuring optional page caching.”

I downloaded RC1, and extracted the zip. There’s a folder called gallery2 which has similar content to my directory, themot.org/gallery (I used the one-click install)

Do I rename the “gallery2” folder on my desktop to “gallery” and upload it, overwriting the gallery directory? I’ll assume I don’t need to delete the gallery directory first. . .

Then I’ll go to the update URL (in my case):


Then I’ll walk through that and be done. . .I got these instructions from:


( first I’ll backup /themot.org_gallery_g2data/ )

Few related questions:

Does hotlinking use CPU mintues?

Is it possible (for someone with limited technical knowledge) to install a PHP accelerator to get gallery running faster (on a shared server)?

Is Coppermine faster/less resource intensive?