Upgrading from Shared Hosting to VPS/Dedicated Server?

Hey guys

So I am currently on Shared Hosting and have Django/Python installed on my server. I was wondering that if I were to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated Server directly from my DreamHost panel, would I have to install Django/Python again on the new server? Or will my site seamlessly move to VPS/Dedicated?

Another question is that when setting up a Social Network…in whcih I expect there to be a lot of traffic…what Hosting plan would you recommend?

When upgrading you’ll want to auto migrate or else the files will stay on the shared server, for help you can send a ticket to our support Dream team here http://bit.ly/PfpbbY

I would recommend trying out the VPS hosting plan first, it allows you to scale up or down depending on how many resources you’ll need to keep up with your site traffic, and then you can to Dedicated if needed.

Hope that helps,
Matt C

You shouldn’t trust this reply :slight_smile:

I have been on VPS for years and it was soooo bad, with so many daily websites down alerts that i was about to leave Dreamhost…

… until they made a nice offer for dedicated, and since no more alerts and everything is soooo much faster !

So i wonder why dreamhost advise VPS that are nothing worth compared to dedicated ?

Trust me, if you are serious about business don’t use VPS but directly jump to dedicated !

(I would have loved that someone tell me…)

It depends on your needs, tekfrank. And what you said is not inaccurate at all! It’s hard to see, sometimes, if your site needs all the bells and whistles and power of a dedicated or not. Also much of the power of a VPS (and dedicated) comes in how you personally configure it to meet your needs. Everyone’s different :slight_smile: Some people are fine, with a business, on shared! So using VPS as a trial/stepping stone isn’t a bad idea, just keep a watch on things :slight_smile:

There seems to be an option to add a VPS account, and pay extra for it, but not to switch, in a single step, that moves all domains and files to the VPS, and charges only for the VPS. I’m paying a little less than $15/mo now for shared, and would like to only be charged for the difference, not pay for both, and not have to move domains and files manually. Is there a one-click option here?

This wiki article indicates that you will get a chance to move files and users both when you provision the VPS and later by revisting the VPS area of the panel.

No need to cross-post.

You won’t get charged for the VPS until the end of your billing cycle — there’s no up-front charge. So if you want to move everything to the VPS, add a VPS, have us move everything to it (it’s an option, like LakeRat says), and cancel your shared hosting plan once everything is moved over. You’ll get a refund for the unused portion of the shared plan when you cancel it. At the end of the day, your bill should end up somewhere between $10 and $15, depending on where in your billing cycle you switched over to VPS.