Upgrading Egroupware - Major Problems

Hi, Everyone… I’m upgrading egroupware on DreamHost from version 1.0 to 1.2 and can’t seem to get it going. I sure hope someone can help me here! At first after the install, I kept getting only blank pages. After switching the database to run under php 4.2 instead of mod_4.2 it then started working. Now whenever it tries to load any page after the login page (home, news_admin, etc.) it gives this error:

Template Error: loadfile: navbar_header is not a valid handle.
Backtrace: template::loadfile / template::subst / template::parse / template::pfp / parse_navbar() / common::egw_header / egw::load_optional_classes / egw::setup / egw::egw / eval() / createobject(phpgwapi.egw) / include(/home/.beau/chcworship/chcworship.com/groupware/phpgwapi/inc/functions.inc.php) / include(/home/.beau/chcworship/chcworship.com/groupware/header.inc.php)

This appears to be at least part of the problem as to why I was getting blank pages and no navigation bars…? Anyway - what does this error mean, and what do I do to fix it?!! Also, it changed the path I have set in header.inc.php by adding in “.beau” after the “home” directory:

include(/home/.beau/chcworship/chcworship.com/groupware/phpgwapi/inc/functions.inc.php) / include(/home/.beau/chcworship/chcworship.com/groupware/header.inc.php)

Where would THAT be coming from?! I verified the header.inc.php file is still correct:


I have no idea what changed this path or why or how to change it back. Is that the problem? That the path is wrong? Or is “.beau” something DH’s servers need to put in there? Please help! We’ve been down since Saturday now and I really need to get this working again :frowning:

Thanks so much for any help,


You may have more luck on the egroupware support site http://www.egroupware.org/communitysupport

I note that they recommend php5, is there some reason why you want to use 4?

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