Upgrading/downgrading question


Simple question maybe. If I upgrade/downgrading my plan, will we have adjusted disk/bandwidth to every plan’s starting space/bandwidth ?

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No one has posted a definitive answer to this question.

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IIRC, when I upgraded a year ago I maintained the storage boost. Not like I really cared though - there’s way more space than I can use, even without the weekly growth.

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Upgrading your plan will increase your bandwidth and space allocation with a more or less immediate effect, as far as I’m aware. Downgrading is for losers, so I’m not going to speculate on what happens!

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Regarding the base amount, do you recall whether you got the “full” original 400GB of disk from a promo-coded plan or did you get the “reduced” amount?

I don’t personally care all that much but we may as well see if we can get a full picture of what happens.

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I actually didn’t sign up with a promo-code, in fact I’m pretty sure that when I first signed up 3 years ago the promo-code discount system wasn’t around. And when I upgraded DH hadn’t started it’s reduced new-sign up thing yet either - so I’m afraid I’m not much help there.

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What I need to know is to figure out the process of upgrading/downgrading and its effect on our diskspace/bandwidth in case there are needs for that in the future.

Actually I currently use less than 1 GB of the huge space provided with 10 active domains.

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For for definitive answer you should check with support, or assume the lowest possible values.

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You should never lose any gained disk space/bandwidth on your account unless you actually close your account and re-open it (and it can usually be added again if you contact support). This means the value you see in Status -> Bandwidth Usage under “Growth So Far” should never change (even on an upgrade/downgrade) but your starting amount and growth rate should change to the new plan so if you downgraded you would get the difference in starting bandwidth/diskspace between the two plans subtracted from your current values and any future bandwidth/disk space increases would grow at a lower rate. This is the same with upgrading your account as well except the difference in the base amount would be added and the growth rate would increase, etc.


Is that an official answer from support, or something you’ve seen with changing your own account?

The one reason I could see there being a catch would be that all plans increase by different amounts, so you could rack it up faster with L4, then downgrade & transfer it to L1.

Then again, they all increase so much/fast anyway, it probably doesn’t matter.

I guess it would be less confusing if they worded it in a way where the increases apply to the customer, rather than the plan, like “You get an extra X GB of this and X GB of that per week, as long as you’re hosted here, regardless of which plan you choose.”

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Not necessarily, some of us may now have a dedicated server somewhere but still feel that the basic Dreamhost package might be useful for less critical stuff so as not to use up the more expensive bandwidth on the dedicated machine. At the moment I am in that boat and can’t make up my mind whether to downgrade or just cancel my hosting with dreamhost completely. The irony is that I get far better support with Dreamhost than I do with the expensive dedicated server, but I can’t afford the downtime, frequent slow downs and email problems which always seem to happen with budget priced shared hosting.