Upgrading Apache to 2.4?



I’d like to replace the pre-installed Apache 2.2 with the newer Apache 2.4 on my VPS. While I can handle this on my own, I noticed that the Apache that is installed seems to be some sort of custom package (I think?), and so I’m not sure what the best way to go about replacing it with an updated Apache 2.4 would be - of if this is a non-issue and I can just nuke the custom DreamHost Apache and install Apache 2.4 off the shelf?


Our server management software doesn’t currently support Apache 2.4. Don’t try to upgrade Apache manually unless you’re prepared to handle all the web server configuration yourself.


I am aware that I will have to disable the DreamHost management for this to happen, I just wasn’t sure if there were any limitations that would prevent me from doing so.

Would an upgrade to 2.2.26 be more likely? The VPS came provisioned with 2.2.22.


What ‘limitation’ exactly are you referring to?