Upgrading 1-click Trac

Has anyone here upgraded a one-click Trac installation from 11.x to 12.x? Is it even possible to upgrade a single instance without touching the rest if you have multiple 1-click Trac instances?

I’ve installed Trac via the 1-click install. I too wish it was 0.12.

I tried to change the email notification to HTML (there are patches around for this) but my changed files are completely ignored. I finally discovered that although all the Trac core files are in my home directory tree, there is a shared installation in


I’m guessing that the shared installation is what gets used, and the modified files in my home dir are ignored. I’m waiting for confirmation of this from the support people, and to find out what I can do about it.

So, from what I’ve seen so far (not that I understand it) I don’t think 1-click Trac can be upgraded for a single user, period. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t know how they could even roll out 0.12 without breaking all the existing 1-click 0.11 installs. Maybe this is why it’s still 0.11.

I also think that the manual installation instructions would work. They seem to bypass the 1-click (shared) installation and builds it all in your directory. This way, you could do whatever you like (at a cost).

Yeah, I think I tried the manual install once, ages ago, before the one-clicks became available. I never got emails working, and wasn’t able to link it up to an SVN account, so it was fairly useless. I suppose it could be attempted again.

I’ve been working with Dreamhost support on this. They said it is an error that the /usr trac package is seen instead of my local (modified) copies. They are working on a procedure to fix this for me, which may involve a “virtualenv python install” (whatever that is…).

Ah. Virtualenv is actually very handy. It’s a way to use a set of Python libraries that are independent of the system libraries.

I’m not sure how one gets that to work with the one-click Trac, though, since the server also needs to be told to use your custom libraries instead of its defaults.

They’re developing some sort of solution. They’ll test it on their own, and then have me test it on my system. I think fixing the actual 1-Click Trac installation may involve a different approach to what they have me do to fix it (just my guess at this point).