Upgrades to existing accounts?

I currently have a L3 account (25GB bandwidth & 900MB space) but just this month I’ve started running over my 25GB bandwidth limit and my disk space is also running low with 500MB+ used. I was wondering do you offer any special packages for users? :wink: What I mean is…

Your L4 package is a bit over priced I think for what you get 35GB bandwidth & 1500MB of space. :frowning: I might as well buy another L3 package and end up with more… What I’m looking for is a mini bolt-on package(s) like for example an extra 500MB disk space & 10GB of bandwidth or ‘x’ amount pre year on top of my existing L3 package.

My site (well mini network of sites :smiley: ) is done out of pure fun and is non-profit making so if it involve me spending more than £50 (about $85) a month it slowly stops becoming fun. :frowning:

Current Sites I have hosted with dreamhost.com:

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