Upgrades to Dreamhost Software

What is the process for Dreamhost to upgrade there software to the current release?

I would have to hate to move to another ISP or purchase a server just for an basic upgrade.

Your perl is out of date in addition to several Debian packages.
Your currently running perl 5.6.1-8.9 while the current version is 5.8.6

Debian Libarys are out of date libdb4.2 4.2.52-16 and then new version is -18.

If customers designs to the current software, why should we have to reengineer our programs to support out of date software?

Please advise … mcalpin1

Speaking as a fellow customer (not employed by DH), I can say this: DreamHost takes great care to ensure that software is secure and useful. Sometimes, the latest and greatest version doesn’t bring a lot of benefits but causes trouble for existing tools using that software. I’m personally happy that Perl is v5.6 and not v5.8 because my wiki software is known to be difficult with v5.8.

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As you understand, in due time, DH will upgrade to this version.

Whats sad for me, I have to pay $1200 a year for an unmanged server to support current software versions.

It will cost me at least 1200 just to rewrite my script to support out of date SW. I’m losing money daily due to this issue.