Upgraded WP, Better WP Security plugin went crazy. HELP!

I am at a complete loss. I’ve been using the Better WP Security plugin on all of my Wordpress sites for a while now and have never had any problems with it. For some reason though, when I did the last WP update the other day, the plugin completely blacklisted me. I couldn’t view my site or log in. I contacted Dreamhost and they fiddled with something that let me log in, but the minute I clicked on the “delete” button to get rid of the plugin, it locked me out again. Dreamhost changed the file name of the plugin’s folder and I was able to see my index page again, but trying to view any other pages or log in gave me a 404 error. When I emailed once again, I was told to replace my .htaccess file with the generic WP code. I did that and now I’m staring at a big old 500 Internal Server Error.

Please please please someone tell me they can help. This is my photography website and it’s been down for at least 3 days now - which is absolutely terrible for business. I really hope I haven’t lost all the work I put into it…

shananigan - What’s your ticket number and/or domain? I can see if I can help.

Sadly, Better WP Security is a pill sometimes, and you MAY need to remove some lines from your wp-config.php as well.

Give “Simple Security” a try - it looks like a good alternative.

I think just connect your FTP and change the plugin folder name to anything else , then access the admin panel do the setting again this should help you to fix this issue.

Sadly, with most ‘security’ plugins, you can’t just delete the folder. You have to delete that plugin, remove settings from .htaccess and wp-config, and HOPE that’s it :confused:

Honestly I don’t use any. They’re too much trouble for what limited good they do.