Upgraded WP and email is now broken

Hi Folks.

I was ecstatic! I upgraded my WP blog to show my Dreamhost hosted domain of innerphoenix.com and it worked. It only took two months, but I figured it out. I followed the instructions here to a T:

I then followed these instructions after confirming my site worked properly:

And these:

First WP’s little figure-it-out-for-me-engine grabbed these:
MX 0 mx1.sub5.swami.mail.dreamhost.com. (I changed a few things to protect my info)
MX 0 mx2.sub5.swami.mail.dreamhost.com.

When that didn’t work in 12 hours (given my business runs in email and it went missing Sunday), I added these two from Dreamhost:
A webmail (ip address here - not entering it here for security purposes)
A www.webmail (ip address here - not entering it here for security purposes)

My email (webmail.innerphoenix.com) not only is not coming through via the account I have had setup on my iPhone for the last year, but I can also not get to it via webmail. I am desperate to get this working or cancel the whole thing as my email is missing and I’m getting phone calls and have important meetings I can’t see the details of. So I set a fwd on my Dreamhost account side to one of my gmail accounts, hoping to see some email. I tested it, it is “working”, but I don’t see the emails from the last 48 hours. Argh!

Helpity help help this is so frustrating. If this can be resolved/helped on by tomorrow am, that would be great. Today is already beyond my needs for resolution. Thank you thank you thank you.

Have you set up email mailboxes using your Dreamhost panel? Follow those instructions, specific to hosting at DH.


Emails are setup. Can you login via webmail.innerphoenix.com ? I see that loads.

You’ll want to open a support ticket with us, since someone with mail magic needs to poke that for you, it’s not actually WordPress (you’re using WordPress.com, and basically your domain here is for DNS only).