Upgraded WP 1 click Install wiped existing


As part of troubleshooting my slow sites, I followed DH advice and checked to see if my WP 1 click install needed updating. It did so I manually requested the update. Now when I try to access my site it’s asking me for all the initial details it did when I first installed.

I’m hoping it’s not wiped my current site and started from scratch. It’s autoupdated before with no problems so not sure what’s changed this time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Wordpress is a special case, it’s self updateable.

Your stuff should not be lost at this point. If your not familiar with how Wordpress installs manually it’s going to be very hard to give you enough detail here to get you back on the road again. Perhaps Dreamhost support can help you recover from this one click disaster.

Also once you’re past this event, make sure that one click updater isn’t turned on. Only use the updates from the Wordpress dashboard.

Thanks. Looking at my domain what seems to have happened is that on my server I had my old site mysite.com and for some reason the 1 click updater has created a whole new sub-directory call username and that’s where the fresh install went and now thats what’s driving my site. so when i go www.mysite.com instead of pulling the WP install from that directory it’s pulling it from the new one, hence the fresh install.

I’ve contacted DH support but still waiting for them to wake up.
Thanks for the tip on turning off one click updates
Might have located the problem. I’d updated the htaccess file to enable site statistics from DH so i reset that to what it was previously and now oldsite seems to have loaded again