Upgraded to VPS - 2,000MB of Memory being used up!?


My sites were doing just fine on the shared hosting server, but I decided to upgrade to VPS yesterday because I wanted some additional features such as Sphinx search and a little extra memory to play around with, which is only available on VPS.

I am currently on the one-week free trial VPS set at 2,300 MB of memory. I never intended to use that much memory. Although I checked my statistics and the memory spiked up to 2,000+ MB. I took a screenshot:

It looks like almost all of it is cached memory and only 32MB of actual memory is being used. I can’t afford $115/mo as I was only expecting 300MB for $15/mo to be more than enough to jump from shared hosting to VPS.

I was wondering if someone can explain what is going on here. Can I set 300MB of memory and the cache memory will automatically stay below the limit without crashing the server and throwing errors?

Kind regards

the are a number of threads here that explain the cache will expand to fill all leftover memory.

to minimize cost you should look into using PSmanager created by another customer.



Thanks for the response, I think I understand it now.

After learning how to use Shell and setting the apache configuration file, everything is working very nicely on Dreamhost VPS with only 300MB of RAM! My sites are now stable and only average around 150MB, but there are momentary spikes that go higher than 300MB due to some resource-intense scripts on my sites for re-sizing images, but this should be easy to manage.

I’m happy to see that so far the cache memory clears itself instead of crashing the server when the actual script needs more memory. I will keep an eye on the live memory readings just to make sure I understand this though. Otherwise I’m very happy with Dreamhost VPS now!