I am thinking of purchasing your largest plan. My question is to you, is it possible for me (in the near future), to combine the quotas of two (2) of the plans in one? Say, once I use up all the resources of the account for the month, to double up and purchase another monthly plan, and have it based under one account? I know I can pay for the extra bandwidth and space seperatly, but I’d rather not deal with those fees, and just purchase another plan.



That would be fine… it wouldn’t happen automatically though, you’d have to contact support after adding the second plan and have them combine the features of the two…



Thanks for the question. I’ve got a combined 8.8 gig available (Strictly Business + 2 Code Monster) but was getting charged for being overquota for being wildly overquota on one plan.

I’ve always had “one” bill from Dreamhost, but my services have not been aggregated like I think you’re asking.

In the meantime, I did what support said and “moved” it over to another domain on the other “plan”; fairly painless on the move. But now I have to repoint static html to the “new” location for it to be visible since that was before I got into PHP/MySQL. Woulda been much easier to make an accounting change than for me to do what I did. But, now I got my answer that it is possible. :slight_smile: