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can someone upgrade WordPress from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 in One-Click Installs?

Changes Since 2.0.6

Security fix for wp_unregister_GLOBALS() to work around the zend_hash_del_key_or_index bug in PHP 4 versions less than 4.4.3 and PHP 5 versions less than 5.1.4 with register_globals set to “On.”

Feeds now properly serve 304 Not Modified headers instead of mismatched 200/304 headers (a.k.a. the FeedBurner bug).

Backport of another 304 Not Modified fix from WordPress 2.1

Deleting WordPress Pages no longer gives an “Are You Sure?” prompt.

After deleting a WordPress Page, you are now properly redirected to the Edit Pages screen.

Sending an image at original size in Internet Explorer no longer adds an incorrect “height” attribute.

Not yet, but hopefully very soon. DH is usually really good at getting those updates to us (at least for the “popular” software) within a couple of days of release.

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If you are really concerned over the recent exploit that came about in 2.0.6 and prior, the 2.0.7 update only affects about five files and is pretty easy to update manually.

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Actually DH just put up the announcement that the one click install has been updated to the latest for word press. So now you can do it through the panel. :slight_smile:

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