Upgrade VPS to Dedicated - Would It Help Against Brute Force Attacks?



My site has a member section protected by .htpasswd/.htaccess. We occasionally get brute force attacks guessing logins, and yesterday was the worst so far lasting 6 hours. At its peak our VPS load went over 40 (it sits around 1 to 3 in normal operation). As a result, the site ran too slow to use during those hours e.g. a page that usually loads in 1 second taking 12-20 seconds instead.

Would upgrading to a dedicated server improve things, i.e. allow the site to operate at a usable speed even when under such an attack? My thinking is that a dedicated server would give us the full CPU available rather than a portion as we have now, so we would have much more processing power and the load would be a lot less (depending on how many customers are on each VPS, and the spec of a dedicated server v. VPS)

BTW we already have third-party software in place that detects such attacks and blocks those IP addresses automatically. This attack used 320 IP addresses, so I’m guessing not much more can be done on that side. We would willingly switch to a dedicated server if it means these attacks would not slow down the site so greatly.

Many thanks for your comments.



Yes, you are right ! I would have loved someone to tell me this before.

I moved from VPS to dedicated and I’m so happy to have done it.

Websites load a lot faster and even under attack they hardly are slower.

To tell you the truth I even think that VPS is a scam compared to dedicated. I had so many problems with VPS that I hate Dreamhost for not being able to tell me earlier that everything would be better with a dedicated.

I hope you will have the same experience as me and that you won’t regret it, anyway you can always go back.

This info is not only based on my feeling but we are different people working on websites moved to dedicated and everybody agrees.

Also, even with VPS set to max I had “websites down alerts” from different services almost everyday, and now it almost never happens.


Many thanks for taking the time to post and let me know your experiences. It is most appreciated and extremely valuable to know!

I’m guessing Dreamhost don’t like making promises as to how much faster a website can be on dedicated server can be over a VPS, as it will be different for each site. But it would be incredibly useful to know at least some information about that.

Can I please ask you, what dedicated server did you go for? I’m hoping that even the most basic dedicated server would be better than a VPS, but we’re going need to decide which one is best for us. Thanks again.



Welcome, I have

Blue Moon 4 Server
Grade 4 4GB 500 GB 1 $169

discounted to $139 (not only for me but also for other people, so I guess anyone can have it for $139).


Maybe you can start with less powerful dedicated to test it ? I chose a 4 cores because I wanted to reduce my own risk of getting mad again, it’s not good for karma :slight_smile:


Oh yes, definitely worth considering the karma! :wink:

That’s one of the options we’re thinking about, and with that discount it’s a very good price.

Thanks again!!