Upgrade to MySQL 5.6 - FullText on InnoDB


Fulltext search became available in InnoDB on MySQL version 5.6

Upgrading MySQL to 5.6 would do A LOT of good for our development. Right now, we have to duplicate our entire InnoDB table to create a MyISAM “Shadow Table” dedicated just for our website’s search engine feature because only MyISAM supports fulltext. This doubles the size of the database which is currently 3 Gigabytes in size.

With this upgrade, I could cut down my PHP scripts in half - eliminate all the scripts and cron-jobs that are dedicated to the search engine table. With FullText ability on InnoDB, I could get rid of my MyISAM table completely and cut our database size in half.

Please let me know if and when this can be done.

Bonus Suggestion: Make Sphinx search available on the shared servers!

Kind regards

+1, yes to the upgrade, and double yes to Sphinx!

  • 1 for full text search!

I am also in need of MySQL upgrade to at least 5.5.31. My current version is 5.1.56. This will at least allow me to use the latest web applications currently available.

If you go to MySQL.com you will see that 5.6 is the current stable build that offers clustering.

Any news or updates to this pressing issue will be greatly appreciated.

Isn’t there security reasons for upgrading critical server services?Even MySQL recommends upgrading to a newer version.

I am conscientious of the cost of upgrading, both in time and possible risk of performance related issues.