Upgrade to Debian 3.1 (Sarge) killed my movetype


I’m still unable to log into Movable Type. Yesterday was the fourth birthday/anniversary/what-have-you of my site, and I’m more than a little irritated that I’ve been unable to log in for over a week now.

I’m at a loss as to what to try next. A number of Dreamhost users have had problems similar to mine, but running the Unix command string that seems to be fixing it for everyone else didn’t work on my site because the person who set up Movable Type for me put my database files in my root directory instead of in the Movable Type directory, and for some unknowable reason I don’t have permission to make the necessary changes to the root directory.

The friends who are helping me try to get the site back up figured this out last Friday and I submitted a support request that day, asking Dreamhost to either give me the permissions to change my own damned files or run the command string themselves.

Three and a half days later I got a one-line response from someone named Trey at DreamHost support who apparently had barely looked at my request, didn’t answer any of my questions, and only asked if I still couldn’t log in. Um, NO, actually, I can’t, and had you read the support request and bothered to answer my questions he’d have gotten that.

Nonetheless, this cleared my old support request, and my response asking that they actually pay attention to what I was asking them went in as a whole new support request – in other words, right back into the queue that’s currently at 663 requests. It’s now been 26 hours since that happened, so I guess I can expect to cool my heels for at least two more days before someone bothers to look at what I submitted. If they in fact actually read the thing this time

Needless to say, I’m feeling more than a little frustrated right now.

To be fair, DreamHost has been much speedier in the past about responding to support requests, and this is the first time I’ve ever had any sort of problem last this long. I appreciate how cheap their service is and how much server space I get and the referral program and all of that stuff. But this support lag is really making me question whether I’m going to continue doing business with them in the future, and I don’t think I’m going to be recommending them to friends anymore.

This is really a problem that isn’t going to be solved by any suggestions I get here – my permissions have to be changed by DreamHost, or an administrator has to run the Unix string to fix my site – but I sort of had to vent at this point.


did you mark the ticket as an site emergency, site outage? that often helps it get looked at faster.



I didn’t since it’s Movable Type that’s out, not the entire site. I suppose I should have, but that didn’t seem accurate.

Too bad you can’t go back and edit a submitted support request – I don’t want to go back and change that request now and lose whatever place I’m at in the backlog! Maybe I’ll submit an emergency one too.


YAY! After submitting another request, this time tagged as a site outage/emergency, they finally fixed my permissions and ran the Unix script, and my site’s back to normal.

Thanks for the feedback here, and for allowing me to vent.