Upgrade to Analog 5.x?

Will you be upgrading to the latest version of Analog 5.x(?) soon? I believe it has quite a substantial number of new features, including a more graphical representation of statistics through the use of Pie Charts etc.

http://www.analog.cx/docs/whatsnew.html - list of changes.
http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~sret1/stats/stats.html - new sample report.


Any news on upgrading to this?

Hmm. They must have not got round to upgrading Analog on [color=#CC0000]egon[/color] then. :-\

wil -

I’ll send our admin team a note about it ASAP, and see what’s up.

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Thanks, Jeff!


About 2/7ths of our domains currently have analog 5 running on them. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for the other ones to get it… for system stability and what not we need to upgrade the debian distribution for the entire machine that runs the stats to “woody” in order to upgrade to analog 5. We upgraded one of our stats machines but for some reason the admins won’t do the others until woody is released as stable. There’s no current ETA on that from the debian team though, so we’re kinda in a holding pattern until then.

But sooner or later, analog will be version 5! I promise!


That’s OK, Josh. It is more important to have a stable server than the latest stats package after all.



heh he said ‘woody’.


Thanks for upgrading egon to Analog 5! :slight_smile: Nice to see there’s been some code optimization too. Runs a tad faster than the old version.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

if ya have to ask…

Just discoverd the other day that it has been upgraded on winston as well. Thanks!


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