Upgrade Shared Hosting to Apache 2.4+

Please upgrade Shared Hosting webservers to Apache
2.4+ so we can use HTTP/2 like other shared hosting companies offer.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re working on this upgrade already. I don’t have an ETA yet, unfortunately.

Thanks for the info. My clients keep bugging me to move them to shared hosting that supports HTTP/2.

I really don’t want to go through the hassle of moving them, but they keep seeing other shared hosts bragging they support HTTP/2 and how fast it will increase sites, so they think they’re missing out.

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I understand… it’s tough to debate against claims of speed based on a protocol change :frowning: Not every site will necessarily be faster with HTTP/2, I’m sure you know there are no magic wands here. What kind of applications do they run? Are their sites all on HTTPS only already?

Yes, using HTTPS on flat HTML, no DB, no CMS. They are also using Gzip compression.

AFAIK these are the types of sites that would see a speed increase.


Any update on this? 2.2 went end of life with the release of 2.2.34 in mid July. We’re still on 2.2.31 which are currently exposed to three vulnerabilities with score of 6+. This list will just get longer with time.

I also saw that we’re still on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which went end of life back in April.

I’m all for software stability and upgrade conservatism but we’re now heading in to unmitigated risk territory.

Agreed redbullpeter.

Hopefully we’ll see the OS upgrade soon.

Very difficult to get my clients to host here. My personal site is here and I can verify the stability and uptime, but informed clients want the specs.

Most are yelling for HTTP/2 which would require 2.4+

We are working hard to get updated versions of both Ubuntu and Apache into your hands. The first step is Ubuntu and that’s due to start in a few weeks. Here’s a bit more info in case you missed it in the newsletter - http://www.dreamhost.com/newsletter/0717.html#a3

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as i see, all dreamhost account (or my be my account) are hosted on Apache.
So, do you have any plan to have another option for user like: nginx web server?

Nginx is an available option on VPS and dedicated servers and does include support for HTTP/2. https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/216431827-Nginx-overview

I mean in shared hosting packages.
But as you said and read content on that link, nginx is not available on shared hosting, right?

That’s correct, it’s only available on VPS and dedicated hosting. I know I’m biased, but I think it’s a pretty good deal. Only a few dollars more per month for web server choices, 1GB memory, SSD storage, persistent processes, and fewer users on a machine. :slight_smile:

Bad news Ubuntu is getting updated first, since all Shared Hosting accounts are on Apache servers. Everyone I know wants cheap shared hosting. Their human traffic is less than 10k daily page loads not needing Dedi or VPS.

I was told Shared servers would be updated to support HTTP/2 in the 3rd quarter of this year and that’s what I’ve been telling everyone but it appears that is not accurate.

I’ve been stalling several potential clients since I wanted the referral commissions as well as the work. Guess that’s not going to happen.