Upgrade question

I am currently on the monthly plan, so I have paid a setup fee.

If I upgrade to the 2-year, $7.95 deal, will the setup fee be used towards this new plan? Or is the setup fee “lost”, so to speak, if I upgrade?


… and even if the setup fee is lost, you’ll save $48 of that $50 back in the next two years by switching, so I’d still go ahead and do it either way.

It definitely can’t hurt to ask, as suggested… but I doubt it would be refunded.

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Yeah, support confirmed that the setup fee is lost. But, I upgraded anyway. Better to save something rather than nothing at all, I suppose.

I think DH is strict with the activated account. Once you have an account, you can’t change the promo code. and as what you said, you will lose the setup up fee after you upgrade your plan. You can’t even move domain names among promotional plans. They give big deal with promo code and want to you stick with your account :stuck_out_tongue:

so you gonna be careful when you sign up. if anything goes wrong, you can’t make changes unless you close the account and sign up new one :frowning:

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Sorry about that happening. I for some reason didn’t know about promo codes so I got nailed for full boat. I’m still pleased as punch.


True… I wonder if that’s more of a pain now, since they started logging domains as part of preventing double-tapping the promo codes.

I don’t know if the way they coded it would let him off the hook, since he obviously didn’t use one if he paid the setup fee, or if they’d have to let him back in manually. I guess it depends if they’re monitoring all cancel/rejoin customers, or just the ones that used promo codes their first time around.

Even if it’s just targeting promo code users… it’s just a matter of time before they have to tweak it to catch the people that cancel & renew every 96 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

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