Upgrade phpmyadmin

Hey everyone, I’m looking to upgrade phpMyAdmin to version 3.5.7. Has anyone done this?

I’m a little shaky in this area and was looking for some help.


Bumping this because I would also like this.


I didn’t try sXi’s method…I downloaded the files via:

Then I ran backed up the phpmyadmin files on my dreamhost VPS (/dh/web/myphpadmin) then emptied that folder. Next, I put all the files that were downloaded into that folder and copied the original config file (as outlined in the documentation on myphpadmin. This seemed to work for me.

Alternative to the above, I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this but you can uploaded phpmyadmin to your server/site like this:


Just make sure you’re using cookies. ANd you have too go to the user under MySQL Databases , click the user you have MySQL and then add in an allow from your site %.yoursite.com

I admit…I’m not the most up to speed on the VPS stuff, but I’ve taken a stab at this twice over the last few months and can’t get a current phpMyAdmin version up and running. DreamHost Support refused to help so maybe you will offer gracious assistance.

I tried the backup the dh/web/phpmyadmin, copy config file to new downloaded phpMyAdmin directory, delete old remote directory, and replace with new. Easy…not so fast. I get “rm /usr/local/dh/web/phpmyadmin/view_create.php: permission denied”. I use FileZilla as my SFTP client and using my VPS Admin User account.

So, then I tried the Putty route. I’m stuck inside my home directory and can’t go up to the dh directory to delete them another way.

Can someone, anyone, please help me get this upgrade done. TrustWave’s automatic PCI scanner is flagging six errors and five of them can be solved by updating the phpMyAdmin panel.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.