Upgrade or Installing Joomla 1.5

I am interested in installing Joomla 1.5, or upgrading my current fresh/out-of-the-box installation of Joomla 1.0 to 1.5.

I first tried installing joomla 1.5 manually following the installation directions located here:
(Under Installing a Joomla Site on a Hosting Account)

Everything went fine until the “FTP Layor Configuration” step. Thats when things started going haywire.
I would put in the FTP information it requested, and when i hit “Verify FTP Info” it would spit out an error that read something along the lines of “Error: the XML responce that was returned was Invalid Server”

I decided to just let that one slide, since dreamhost runs suexec-php and permissions arn’t really a problem. I Disable FTP Layor for the time being, and clicked next until i got to the area that would allow me to import sample data. When i clicked on that button to import the data, it spit out that same exact error that the FTP config spit at me.
I decided to just skip out on putting sample content in the database as well, and just hit next. When i hit next, All i got was some ugly PHP error stating some functions were missing. Unfortunately, i don’t have that error as I installed Joomla 1.0 right after.

I figured I would just give up on joomla 1.5, and do the One Click Install for Joomla 1.0. That went fine, besides the one small warning that states the following:
" Following PHP Server Settings are not optimal for Security and it is recommended to change them:"

"* PHP magic_quotes_gpc setting is OFF instead of ON"

It still runs fine though, although that warning does make me a bit uneasy.

Does anyone know how i can get joomla 1.5 running on my account? I was able to get it running without a hitch on my local computer here, so i know it’s something having to do with the way dreamhost is configured.

I currently have Joomla! 1.5 Beta2 running on Dreamhost, though I have not yet tried the RC1 release.

You didn’t indicate what version of 1.5 you were trying to install, so I don’t know whether the problems you encountered have to do with a difference between the Joomla! versions, or some other problem (a difference between PHP versions used, apache versions on our servers, etc.).

It’s also unfortunate that you don’t have the actual error messages. “All i got was some ugly PHP error stating some functions were missing,” lets us know there is a problem, but I am dying to know what functions were missing - that is a huge clue to the source of the problem. :wink:

The FTP layer error is probably just a configuration issue with the way the DH file system paths to your site have to be described to Joomla! There is no real consistency between PHP applications on what they expect to see in that setting, so it sometimes takes having to look at the code to see what is needed, or some trial and error - either way, I don’t see that as being a deal-breaker.

The “missing functions”, however, need to be dealt with. I suggest you try again (on a new subdomain) and make careful note of your errors as well as your phpinfo output - the answers you need are likely attainable with the proper error and environment information.

Have you checked the Joomla! dev forums?


I have asked on the Joomla forums, with no real success, they all point to dreamhost.

I’m running rc1 i think. What ever was latest. Tomarrow im going to make a new subdomain, and reinstall it, so i have all the errors to send you guys.

[quote]Tomarrow im going to make a new subdomain, and reinstall it, so i have all the errors to send you guys.
I think that’s a good plan (I may try it myself in the next few days if I get a chance.)

Having met, and talked with, several members of the Joomla! core team at JoomlaDay West a few weeks ago, I feel very confident that Joomla! 1.5 will be a solid application when released in stable form. There may be some things that have to be tweaked for one hosting environment or another, but I’m sure it will be installable on DreamHost. :wink:


I am running Joomla 1.5 RC1 on my space here, and it’s working just fine.

Additionally I have the ftp stuff set up in my administrator and it’s working too.

Sorry for the silly question, but you mentioned that it was configured and working on your localhost. You did change the ftp server name from localhost in your admin right?

I actually only did a test installation on my local host to see if it was a problem on the scripts side. I did not do a migration. I did a fresh install of 1.5 rc1.

How do you find out what account is your administrator account?

Ok. I seemed to of fixed the problem. It installed perfectly as far as i can see, including FTP Layer Support, and sample data import.

I went back, and Changed the PHP version to 4.x, and i also manualy put my sites root ftp path in… Before i was using the automatic detection and “/” for the ftp path. This time i tried /mysite.com/ and it worked.

Thanks for the help guys.

On a side note… Do you guys know if 1.0 addon’s/plugins work for 1.5?

There is a plugin in the plugin administration section that allows “Joomla Legacy Support”. You’ll need to enable that if you want to allow the integration of older items. I don’t know how great it works either, I just know that’s what you’re looking for.