Upgrade MYSQL


Really? The earliest version of PHP I have available is 5.2. You don’t have an option to upgrade to 5.3 or 5.4?


5.1.56 is a MySQL version, not PHP. It’s a bit confusing given that they’re both in the 5.x range.

We currently offer PHP 5.3 and 5.4, with the “legacy” 5.2 version still visible to some customers.


Wow, I totally misread that. Obviously, not enough coffee. :slight_smile:


I want to use SHA2 to improve security.
Bror Arnfast


Way have they dont update the MYSQL?


Yeah , I think after 3 pages on the same thread they should consider an upgrade. :frowning:


I have talk to Dreamhost about this and they say they are preparing for an update when they dont know when they are going to finish it.


Here are too many us… who want to update 5.1.56 to version 5.5.31
Oh I think it should already be done :slight_smile:


haha. It’s funny watching DH ignore all of you/us. :slight_smile: +1 for customer service.


I’d like an upgrade as well! I use a plugin called SearchWP on a WordPress site, and it’s reporting that, “[y]our server is running MySQL version 5.1.56 which may prevent search results from appearing due to bug 41156. Please update MySQL to a more recent version (at least 5.2)”. DH is big on supporting WP so this would be an appropriate action to take!


I want to use a new feature in MySQL 5.5.


And what is that?


Well, Andrewr. BUT what about MySQL 5.5.xx?


I second the request to upgrade MySQL to 5.5.xx, for several reasons.

  1. 5.6 is out and DH need to stay current, hence at least provide 5.5.xx

  2. Various platforms now require version 5.5.xx . DH should strive to allow their customers to use on DN servers the various online platforms available

  3. It is true that any upgrade can break things, however that should be the choice and responsibility of customers.

  4. Understanding the problems of shared hosting, DH should push the availability of MySQL 5.5.xx to at the very least its PS customers ASAP

This is now becoming an urgent matter and might be a deal breaker.


Apparently this matter is not very important.

As Matt says, it has become a really important matter and could become a deal breaker.

Come on DH… listen to your users. What is the point of this forum?


Count me in here please. But I would understand that this would take time. A huge component upgrade will take a lot of preparation time to avoid further compatibility issue.

I mean, I believe DH knows that this is a must but maybe they’re just taking their time in order to get this right.


We all understand this takes a while. But this suggestion is over a year old. And Moodle 2.6 is now security-only patches. In a couple of months, it’ll be no support at all which can then cause other issues. To upgrade, MySQL 5.5 is a minimum requirement. I really like DreamHost, but it’s not worth getting hacked again.


I’ve got a major, concrete reason Dreamhost needs to upgrade MySQL.

MySQL 5.1 supports utf8 encoding, but not the newer utf8mb4 encoding. You need the latter to store four-byte Unicode characters, including all emoji. A utf8 table will truncate all input into a field after any four-byte characters in it. So if someone uses an emoji, which is a very common use case these days, it will cause significant data loss. Which I’ve just experienced on a site I just upgraded to use UTF-8.

I’m seriously considering moving this site away from Dreamhost for this reason, and I bet I’m not the only one.


Yeah, you are right. You are not the only one. I am already considering moving somewhere else. I will stand still until JUNE then I will move my MOODLE site to a different provider with upgraded MYSQL!!!



Dreamhost, time to wake up!

As for specific features: I need the information_schema.parameters table for retrieving stored procedure parameters.